Our most popular add-on! I mean, c'mon -- look at these venues! These professional, industry standard fixtures add the perfect accent to your venue. Whether they're highlighting creative architecture, or adding mood to a blank wall-- these uplights are the perfect way to make your wedding venue pop! Stagnant during dinner, club time during dancing!

Available in packs of 12 or 24

  • Professional Color Mixing - 20 watts of RGBA color mixing means absolutely any color you want!
  • Wireless & Battery Powered - No power cables, no mess!
  • Remote Controlled EFX - Once dancing kicks up, these babies can color scroll and chase, strobe, and add that fun disco flare to the room!


All our fantastic DJ's have over 8 years experience, and have worked over a combined 4,000 events.  We have truly seen it all. Please contact us for going rate and availability.

Standard wedding package includes:

  • Full Audio Coverage - Up to three separate PA systems for your ceremony, cocktail, and reception site needs. No breaks in the tunes. Wireless or lavaliere microphones for officiants, toasts, and announcements. Mixing boards, mic stands, DI's, and all cable provided for any live instrumentalists.

  • DJ & MC - Custom playlists for the entire night catered to you! Confident and clear MC's who steer away from the cheesy jokes, and command the night with ease. Trust me, we know the importance of hiring a professional to direct the evening. Your dance floor is guaranteed to be packed with our great song selection, perfect transitions, and inviting stage presence. Catch us playing Top-40, OG Hip-Hop, 80's smash hits, killer remixes, and much more!
  • Clear Communication - Let's be real, we're here for you. Upon booking we'll send out our Wedding Music Document to help you brainstorm and organize all your tunes for the big day. We're then readily available to answer any questions, offer song suggestions, provide timeline and logistics advice, or show you any past work. Meetings, phone calls, texts, or Facetimes are always welcome.


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Looking for a more traditional design for the photo-booth of your dreams? Our new signature Salsa Booth is everything you'll need to rock your next event! With a 7 megapixel front camera, and an extremely intuitive software, this photo-booth does everything you can ask for. Available to run 'Open Air' style, or with a backdrop and stick prop bundle.

Which photobooth design fits your vision?

  • Custom Gallery Branding - Enjoy your branded online photo album,  created and personalized just for you. Share the link with your guests so everyone has access to the fun! This photo-booth comes equipped to take high quality photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, and videos.
  • Custom Event Overlays - Something special and personal to overlay on your photos! We go the extra mile to design you a custom PNG overlay that adds on top of your content.
  • Instant Social Media Sharing - Photos delivered via text, email, QR code, or Airdrop. Easily upload to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. These are post ready!  
  • Prop + Backdrop Options Available - You can't call it traditional without a backdrop, right? Package includes wedding stick prop bundle, and choice of gold or rose gold sequin backdrop.
  • Print Options Available - Want to give your guests the ability to take home something special? 2x6 or 4x6 printing options are available. Option includes an additional on-site technician.






Our signature Halo Booth is the perfect addition to your next party! This uniquely designed booth is the perfect fusion of modern and rustic, and comes fully equipped to take hi-quality, animated, and exuberant gifs or photos. We share the gallery link with you and your guests, so everyone will have access to the fun!

Add this to your reception package for a discounted rate

  • Instant Text / Email - Once your guests have taken their shots and selected their filters, they will be given the option to instantly share to their mobile device.
  • Custom Photo Layouts - Layouts include animated GIF, standard 4x6 print, classic 'fair style' 2x6 photo strip, or the retro 2X2 photo square.
  • Instant Social Media Sharing - All GIFs and photos are social media ready. This allows for quick uploading + social media sharing! Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter friendly!
  • Online Event Gallery - At the conclusion of your event, we'll send out a link to your private online event gallery where you'll be able to view and save any of the pics from the Big Day.




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SoCAL Silent Disco GOOD



Sound off!! Silent disco is a unique and interactive way to get all of your guests dancing to any sounds they want. Does your venue have strict noise ordinance? Music off at 10pm, but party ends at 11? Are you hosting an event on a public beach or quiet desert? Silent disco is the solution you are looking for you. This interactive treat brings the party to your ears.

Bring the party straight to your ears.

  • 3 Separate Audio Channels - Enjoy three separate genres being broadcast at once. Using our clients discretion, mix and match between genres like Top-40, Classic Rock, Disco, Oldies, Hip-Hop, 90's, 2000's and beyond! Live mixed straight to your ears by our DJs.
  • Bright LED Fixtures - Headphones illuminate in bright red, green, and blue to represent what channel each guest is listening to. Light up that dance floor with everyones grooves!
  • Independent Volume Knobs - Unlike those uncomfortable airplane earbuds, these over-the-ear headphones provide a comfortable listening experience to all. All listeners adjust their own volume.




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